Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Salamanca Day!


Well July 22nd is the day that the Battle of Salamanca was fought in the year 1812. People who know my other blog concerning my "Big Project", the first phase of the battle is what I am trying to depict on a 1,50m x 1,50m diorama, will not be surprised by this commemorative post.

Holiday activities will probably keep me away from this blog for but this will not say there will be no painting activities, just that I will have no time to post them.

Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Need some Aide?


To show that I am not neglecting my beloved Napoleonics, here's a post on some white metal Aides for the French General Staff. The Aide painted in blue is a regular ADC, the green uniformed rider is a staff officer. The horses are plastic Italeri Napoleon's Staff figures.

Not a big unit or even something very special but a nice little addition to my French forces. Next up will be a unit of Bavarian light infantry which I painted but have not flocked yet.

Cheers Sander

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Saturday, 12 July 2014

Vehicle Showcase: Fokker Eindecker


Today we take to the air in our regular series of Vehicle Showcases. My German Jasta's are equipped with two Fokker monoplanes, one of which I finished and is shown below. The inspiration for the colour-scheme came from the brilliant WW1 Aviation Illustrations page, and I think it worked out fine.

The ones of you who are still well sighted will see that none of my WW1 fighter planes have added wires: that's too fiddly for my big fingers but also doesn't stand up to the rigours of wargaming, so I omitted them.

Hope you like the photo's.

Cheers Sander

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Thursday, 10 July 2014

Vehicle Showcase: Torpedo German Staff Car


Roaring onto the tabletop today is this spiffing Torpedo Staff Car as used by German and Turkish forces in the Great War. The model is made by Reviresco Miniatures and is a total beaut to construct. The colour scheme proved hard to choose, I have read somewhere that the Great War German army did not paint their vehicles in standard Panzer grey at first. I also know that a lot of officers procured their own cars. So I felt sure this splashing blue/black scheme would do. The figures are Emhar officers and are in the process of noting their findings while on their duty.

The pictures are a bit over exposed, for which I apologise, but I hope you get the yeast from them anyway ;-)

Cheers Sander

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Tuesday, 8 July 2014



Long time no update! Yes well, as said many times before: real life has a nasty habit of catching up with us poor mortals. My Dad has had a stroke not 3 weeks ago and that really has hit home over here. So while I did finish some small hobby projects in the meanwhile I did not feel like posting them over here. Let's say I have not been in the right frame of mind for a while now and having Dad come home from revalidation therapy yesterday and the School Holidays a mere 3 days away, I now have found some new energy.

As a small starter this update will feature two items to whit: some Classic Battletech stuff and something even more Old School.

Recently I obtained  4 Unseen Inner Sphere mechs for CBT. The Archer and Rifleman are already in my possession and inducted in the Aragon Borderers, my favourite IS CBT unit, but these new additions will be painted as Draconis Combina Sword of Light mechs. This unit could do with some more heavy hitting fire-power anyway. The Stinger and Wasp will be added to the Aragon Borderers as part of the Light/ Medium lances. Their appearance really captures the early Battletech essence for me and I am truly delighted to own these now. The Spider is not an Unseen mech but I still like the model so I added it. I have to think to which unit it will be added.

Next up is something different altogether; a Flat White Metal figure. This one I obtained in Kulmbach (Bavaria) quite some time ago and painted up to resemble a Trumpeter from a British Royal Regiment. Purists or experts will surely be able to tell me if I made a mistake by doing so, but I like the result and so don't really care. Now this figure ended up as a good-bye present to a co-worker who will retire in a week or two from the school where I work.

Anyway, that's it for today. Some other posts are in the works so keep watching this space!

Cheers Sander

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Monday, 2 June 2014

Mid-year survey!


Since the 6th month of the year has just started I thought I'd just make up the balance of painted figures so far. In all I think I didn't do badly at all, it's just I wish I would have finished more of the little blighters. Oh well...

Napoleonics:          91
SYW:                    19
West End SW:       09
X-wing mini's:        06
CBT Battletroops: 18
Ancients:               72
WW2:                   05
Vehicles:                02
Dystopian Wars:    30
Assorted historics: 53

Yes dear readers/ viewers, you'll see that amongst the numbered above are miniatures which have not featured on the blog itself. This is due to the fact that I consider some of them to be of little interest (like the 30 Dystopian Wars buildings I did) or because they are a surprise for a good friend, like the 71 Ancient Sumerians, which have now been posted and on their way to their new owner.
Others, like the Battletroops and vehicles will feature in future blog posts so no worries there.

So what's on the workbench at the moment?

 I am currently painting some barricades for jungle terrain made from a sushi-mat, there's a "Into the Valley of Death" vignette in preparation, and I just received a small order of Hasslefree mini's on which more later!

Cheers Sander

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Thursday, 29 May 2014

A Tribute!


We all know that painting miniatures is therapeutic to most of us. It might not be to our spouses or the rest of the world, to us it is. Lately I've had two cases of needing to paint miniatures to get rid of some lasting impressions on my life. The first of these I'll showcase here today. 
Let's try and put this into perspective for you. I work as a teacher in history at a local High School, while teaching itself is great fun. a school is more then the sum of it's parts. Doing extra-curricular stuff is what makes the job worth while since you get to know co-workers and pupils at a totally different level. So when the music teachers at our school started drafting people for this year's musical I found myself mysteriously inducted into arranging the props and costumes as well as playing a few small parts in the actual play itself. The greatest part about the play is that it has been arranged and partly written by one of the music teachers himself. It's about a guy, Jan Claesen, who lived during the Dutch Revolt and had to flee from his home-town and listed with the Dutch army as a trumpeter. He later became a bit of a clownish figure in Dutch folklore and eventually became a figure used in a pretty much "Mr Punch and Judy"-like puppet play.

Usually when we have a show or something at school, I stay way clear of the stage, this time as said, I had to venture upon it. While terribly plagued by stage-fright I persevered and after the dress rehearsal I found I was actually enjoying myself... As it goes with these things afterwards I still had this musical in my system for ages and also wanted to do something in return for co-worker Jos, who had given me my first real taste of the theatre. So I decided to make him a figure vignette. Inspiration came from a figure he had used himself as basis for the cover of the script.


Finding a suitable figure was less easy but in the end I found Wallensteins Staff by Warlord Games to include a trumpeter with almost the same gear as the one in the picture. Jos had provided us with a digital script which had the picture in colour and the chap had mainly blue and white regimentals for wear so quite a nice colour-scheme.
The figure was based, painted and then came the next phase: the vignette missed a certain wow-factor so I painted the hind-quarter like it was the head-stone of the grave that is said to be Jan Claesen's last resting place. Coincidentally this head stone had been eroded so far that, precisely while we were rehearsing, the town of Andel, was going through a restoration process for the monument... 
To finish the thing off, I asked friend Mark to laser me a little plaque with some words of thanks for Jos and so here is the end result.

I get the impression Jos rather liked the little piece ;-)

And to finish off the narcissistic experience:

Me helping the lead player out during rehearsal

Me playing a drunk soldier

The grand finale

Cheers Sander

Listening to: The song is Jan Claesen the trumpeter (while the pictures are anachronistic the song is "original")