Friday, 22 July 2016

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There's a new post up on my other blog.


Cheers Sander

Sunday, 17 July 2016

More 80's themed love...


Let's present the first of the "Enemy" soldiers to you today. Here are my first painted Cobra specialist and troopers: Firefly and some Crimson Guards (i.e. CeeGees). The Firefly figure is an Infinity Ariadne figure btw.

Both are not entirely as I would want them. Firefly actually needed to have sharper contrasts in his camouflage and the CeeGees have incredible detail which I failed to portray sufficiently well.

Anyway there's still rather a lot of figures in the batch so I can go on for some time with this themed project.

Cheers Sander

Saturday, 9 July 2016

A wave of shock...


The last round of test grading has started over here, but I thought I'd put up one more figure for your enjoyment. This one closely resembles the 80's Sunbow cartoon character  Shock-wave. I think he's the best one I have done so far.

The urban camouflage is really fun to paint, if a bit fiddly.

Cheers Sander

Friday, 1 July 2016

A Handsome Cab


After the latest posts you might be excused for thinking I have sadly forsaken my Victorian project, but that's not entirely true. I finally managed to finish my last vehicle for this era, the West Wind Hansom Cab. A nice little model with some great detail. Ideally there should be reins from the horse to the driver's hands but I decided that was too fiddly for me and also a risk on the gaming table.

It was enormous fun to paint, even if it did take me a while to come up with a paint scheme I liked. More Victorians will follow inevitably when time and mojo permit.

Cheers Sander

Sunday, 26 June 2016

Rock & Roll!


Continuing our series of America's Highly Trained Daring Special Missions Force I present you someone who's ready to Rock & Roll!

Rock & Roll never was one of my most favourite figures in his first appearance, but the later version depicted here and made in white metal as seen on the photo's did rock my boat so to speak. It had a more unique but at the same time military look, luckily the white metal figure lacks the ridiculous gatling guns included with the 1989 action figure.

Anyway on to the figure itself, here he is!

More American personnel and some of their terrorist Enemies are in the works.


Thursday, 23 June 2016

Jo Yoe!


As talked about earlier I have been away from my keyboard for some time. This is mainly due to quite a lot of regular work and renovating parts of the house. This does not mean I have been totally idle on the hobby-front. Some spare time was found and used to paint some stuff here and there amongst which is a new project which has me pretty much excited.

Both my brother and yours truly are children from the late eighties/ early nineties and as such have witnessed a lot of strange changes in our recent history like the ascendancy of the Television and the WWW. We went from 2 black and white Dutch governmental channels to 3 Dutch, 2 Belgian, 3 German and the British Armed Forces Channel through to the plethora of Channels we have now. Eventually a lot of American television programs and series came on screen. During the days that the first commercial networks appeared, the ones we could actually receive over here were two German commercial networks. Now I understand German pretty well (I can make myself moderately understood, but my written German is flawed to say the least) but in Germany most American series were provided with a German language voice-over. So series like the A-team, Knightrider, Airwolf and the Dukes of Hazzard were watched with German texts, it doesn't really do it for me to be honest! "BA gebe mir dein GUNN und dann BOOST ich ihn weg!" Anyway eventually Dutch television caught on and American cartoon series appeared on our channels, I loved Dinoriders, Transformers, MASK, D&D and most specially the Sunbow GI JOE Series. With the series the action figures blew over, years after they had appeared in stores in the US and they were labelled as in the US not converted to Action Force or something else. As kids we saved up to buy these kind of toys: I bought plastic soldiers, my brother collected the original 3, 3/4 Joe action figures.

This is still pretty much the case: I collect wargames, figures brother-dear still collects Joes. For some time I have been looking to combine those interests in order to find some suitable figures to transform into America's Daring and Highly trained Special Missions Force and their Enemy. It seems that for the moment at least my search has ended. I have been lucky enough to find some left over mini's from someone's private commission which are not available commercially. It is not an exhaustive collection in that all characters and troop builders are done but rather the ones the initiator liked the best. That suits me fine since he appears to be liking the same figures as I did from the series and comics.

The first figure I have painted up has just Stalked up the screen of your PC and here he is!

More will follow in this project over time but for now enjoy!

Cheers Sander


Saturday, 4 June 2016



In between the marking of the exams, I have had chance to paint all of 4 miniatures. Some Gripping Beast Norse archers.

I need them as a skirmisher unit for the DB Norse army I am building, but these miniatures are lovely in themselves.

The following weeks will be quiet on the painting front as well since a lot is going on here.

Cheers Sander