Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Holiday blues and some news


It's raining miserably over here, typical Dutch weather, but with a lot of work in the garden waiting for me this is not funny anymore. So we went into town, Arnhem in this case, and got me something new.

Now I know I have said earlier yhat I wouldn' t support GW anymore and well basically I don't, butt... I did buy the June and July issue of White Dwarf and the WHF Empire Battle Wizard from in independent  retailer.

Why did I do this? Well you're not going to like the answer! The answer is that I have started yet another project. For quite some time I have longed to get a box of Hero Quest, some weeks ago I managed just this, I got a secondhand box. From then till now I have played more than 10 games with my son Arthur, with kids at school and with friends, boy is this a great game!

The battle wizards are meant for Arthur to get an unique player character and in this we succeeded because he's all for the bright or fire wizard wanting to hurl fireballs everywhere!

Anyway, when the rains stop, I will make some pictures of the HQ figures I have already painted.

That's all fornow folks

Saturday, 22 July 2017

Salamanca Day


Update at the other BLOG..,

Cheers Sander

Monday, 17 July 2017

Survivors of Lucknow


Part of the Mutiny Miniatures "Survivors of Lucknow" blister, these figures are done up to give some more flavour to future IM games.

The figures turned out a little too dark due to the wash I forgot to dilute. Still I  like them quite a lot!

Cheers Sander

Thursday, 13 July 2017

Some more IM Civilians


If one is to recreate India in 1857-1859, I guess one is to have some civilians to people all the cities and villages of said country. These Eureka miniatures civilians are awesome if a bit more of slight build than the Foundry and Mutineer figures, but that is more realistic I suppose, with the Europeans being heavier in build anyway.

The first of these are a snake charmer and rope-act, more civilians are in the books but other projects take precedence.

More is surely coming, watch this space ;-)

Monday, 10 July 2017

Some Indian Mutiny Characters


The Indian Mutiny Project (henceforth called IM) continues. Here are some Foundry character models.

I like experimenting with the colours and patterns India has to offer. besides that these are great figures as well in their own right.

Cheers Sander

Friday, 30 June 2017

Did I ever tell you...

...that I really hate Christopher Columbus? Ever since starting this Indian Mutiny project just about every search on "Indian" stuff, has resulted in North American Native subjects. Very frustrating! That said I have tried to get some more stuff finished, amongst this is a command figure for General Havelock, both mounted and on foot. The other red coated officer is from Foundry.

These excellent Mutineer miniatures will be joined soon by others as well as the Sepoy leadership. As a trial project I ordered some palm trees from China and based some up as terrain for anything desert themed.

The Sepoy officer is there for scale purposes, the small palm tree in the first photo is my son's he got it in a box of plastic animals at a zoo. He wanted to paint it up as well so we painted the both of them together.

Cheers Sander

Friday, 23 June 2017

Indian Mutiny


Let's get the Indian Mutiny ball rolling today! Now that the heat-wave over here is more or less over I have been able to finish some of the units I have been painting for this project. First are the Rebellious Sepoys I have painted up yet. There are some Foundry characters both Sepoy and Hill Tribesmen. The Sepoy unit in the background are Mutineer Miniatures Sepoys in distressed dress. 

Next up is a unit of British regular infantry, at this moment I have not yet given it a regimental title and will use it as a vanilla unit, that said I might designate it later on.

While the troops are Mutineer Miniatures, the officer is from the Foundry pack. The Foundry and Mutineer figures mix very well, I have now also gotten some Iron Duke Miniatures figures and they don't mix in with the other brands. I'll just get on painting more stuff right?

Cheers Sander