Monday, 20 October 2014

The Red Lancers


After reading a period diary, written by a Dutch Red Lancer Captain, I thought it time to include this illustrious regiment for the Garde Imperiale.

The figures, of course are Zvezda's Polish lancers of the Guard, but they can double as the Dutch Red Lancers anyway. This is the 3rd regiment I'm depicting using these figures and they are a delight to paint.

Cheers Sander

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Saturday, 18 October 2014

Oxford and back again...


The last week I was away from my keyboard due to a school trip to the Oxford region. Our schedule included a visit to Canterbury on the way to Oxford itself. The cathedral there houses a load of memorial stones dedicated to soldiers lost in wars from the ECW up to WW1. I made some pics but have to figure out how to get them off the cell phone.

We then stayed near Oxford for two days, including a visit to the Warner Brothers Harry Potter studios, now even though I'm not a fan, these were mightily impressive!

A visit to Bath and Stonehenge were next and on the day before we left the UK we visited London. I will try to post a more full report soon with some pics as well.

For now here's the Booty books wise!

Cheers Sander

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Saturday, 11 October 2014

Something different...


Today's post brings you two entirely different kind of mini's. First up are some Infinity Ariadna Highlanders. I have painted these up to resemble Northwind Highlanders for my Battletroops games, or rather skirmishes set in the Battletech background. But I also am going to use them as groundpounders for the British Star Empire from the Toby Frost books featuring Space Captain Smith. I am at the moment looking into a suitable Smith model to supplement them.

So here are the Highlanders:

These truly are very nice figures and when at the Crisis I might be tempted to buy some others just to paint.

Second is a rather more unusual set of figures. These are firemen included with a model fire truck my son got for his B-day. They were factory painted in red and silver. My lad picked them out the package and said: well real firemen aren't red Dad, the fire is red... and since he's Fireman Sam fan to the core, Dad went and took his brushes.



Cheers Sander

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Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Mystery Inc. Part II


While these figures already partook in the battle at the Ducosim and are thus shown in the batrep of said battle, I will show the Mystery Machine and the ladies here in more detail. Partly because Anne specially asked for the pictures ;-)

First a group-shot:

Here are Daphne and my all-time favourite Velma.

Some separate shots of the van. The model is from Armour Cast and most of the bits used to upgrade it are GW and Ainsty vehicle parts.

Somewhere on the unpainted pile are the regular, unarmed, Mystery Inc team, but I will be painting other stuff before I start on them.

Cheers Sander

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Saturday, 27 September 2014

P.E.W.-P.E.W. Game 2


As promised, here's part 2 of our Pew-Pew game at the Ducosim games convention. While we played the first game with only 2 players (Jan-Willem and me), the second game had a 3rd and later 4th player. This gave J-W the chance to play the roll of games-master. I had the chance of playing my Mystery Inc gang. That said the other player (Mark, a great and sporting chap) and I, were having quite a lot of fun running round each other trying to snatch the much-vaunted container, which by the way, Mark and his Cannibals had. J-W. played Plisskens Commando's and his para-drop put one of them right in front of Scooby-Doo, who had an extra move and an attack-modifier... I charged Scooby right in, to be shot down for his effort in turn one!

After this I had to put 3 of the team members together to kill off the lone commando. As the Mystery Inc gang only entailed 5 members I had to find a 6th. As my Post-Apoc miniature collection is 5 figures large, I included a Freebooter Lara Croft mini as final member and she made short work of the commando in the end.

The chief of the Cannibals, carrying the case, foolishly came too close to my gang and with all might I tried to take the container from him but this only resulted in Freddy getting killed.

From this point on the 4th player, a woman with great enthusiasm, joined in the game. And strangely all the actions she wanted to make were approved by the GM and succeeded even if  they would have been impossible had Mark or I tried the same. Her mini's jumped across entire streets, she drove a camper down a street ramming down no less than 3 of Mark's mini's and more of tis kind of silliness.

Due to bad luck in shooting I conjured up some zombies which took a lot of my fire-power to put down and the T-Rex conveniently conjured up by another 1 on to hit rolls from the lady, made it even harder to gain the objective.

In the end the lady did kill the Cannibal leader and got away with the booty... well done that missus! Afterwards J-W made this "brilliant" picture of me, I couldn't keep it from you.

Cheers Sander

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Sunday, 21 September 2014

P.E.W.-P.E.W. game 1


Yesterday I played two participation games at the Ducosim game convention in Amersfoort. Jan-Willem put up a demo-game using his P.E.W.-P.E.W. ( Pijlie's Everyman's Wargames Protocol for Every War) rules. The game was set in Post-Apocalyptic Amersfoort where a team of Commando's had to drop in and get away with a container full of valuables. The team was led by Arie Plissken and consisted of 6 troopers. The link above gives you a lay-down of the scenario and part of the rules. In today's post I'd like to show you a BATREP of how the first game went.

Even though I had brought my own Mystery Inc miniatures we decided to let me play with Plisskens team because, well there was nobody else playing along. Therefore J-W played 3 (of the 6 available) gangs to whit: bikers, Gangstas and Cannibals. The bikers had taken the container and the other gangs had to get it and exit on the diagonal opposing side of the table.

So let's take a look!

The table showing the demo-clock (designed for TAZ but usable all the same)

J-W dropping the commando's by throwing Army Men Para's down on the table

The photo's are all a bit sketchy because I couldn't get the git to stand still...

The dropped Para's looked like someone had covered the table in garbage bags...

The game gets under way

I tried to concentrate my spec-ops team in order to get to the bikers, but on half was dropped on the other side of the table so I sent them round to head off the bikers on their way out of the combat zone.

I lost a lot of troopers to fire from the Gangsta's, bikers and Cannibals who all targeted them repeatedly.

Plissken and my sniper (his 2nd in command)  cornered 3 of the bikers including their leader, who carried the container in a crater.

After shooting down the two thugs protecting the leader, things got tense on the other side of the board where the cannibals and Gangsta's where converging on my poor troopers.

my troopers tried to find some hard needed cover in nearby buildings. There they were besieged by the gangsters.

The silvery thing is a kiwi container J-W painted silvery to represent a drop-pod. My troops used it conveniently as cover from the Cannibals.

When rolling a 1 to shoot players need to draw a disaster-card from a specially made deck, and just my luck that I drew the awakening of an nuclear altered giant lizard in the next building...

Somehow the Gansta's managed to get hold of the container by shooting down the biker-boss while Plissken was in hot pursuit.

 Plissken and his sniper (the only survivors of my team) shot up the remaining gangers, those not eaten by the Dino or shot down by the Cannibals and also eaten.

Plissken called in de evac chopper and they made good their escape!

A great game with some deceptively simple rules, beautiful terrain and a lot of fun.

Meanwhile on the table next to us, Michiel and Toby played an Epic Game of X-wing, which I would like to have partaken in but I had too much fun playing PEW-PEW.

After our first game 2 other players turned up and so we played a second game in which I used my Mystery Inc mini's more of which in Part 2 anytime soon.

Cheers Sander

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Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Napoleonic French Artillery


Here's a post to show that I will make excursions into other more obscure subjects from time to time but will always return to my faithful historics and more specifically Napoleonics.

Before I started to use Renedra plastic bases and when just starting out with Black Powder as main rule set, I didn't have a clear image of what to base my artillery units on. This prompted me to put some of Zvezda's very nice French Artillery teams together on one large bases.
Problem with this is that it takes up quite a lot of space on the table, the mini's are inaccessible during painting and you can not manoeuvre them freely while doing battle. That said the vignette looks brilliant and will be used in battle anyway!