Monday, 28 May 2018



As I said in my last post things have been busy. Mostly with work as I had to correct the final exams and am awaiting the "second correction" which is a lot of work awaiting me soon. So I have had no real opportunity to post anything about the school trip to the UK I helped organise for 88 of our pupils and some 9 co-workers to the lovely region of Kent.

While there I tried to sneak in some hobby related stops and managed rather well. At Rochester I managed to locate the Rochester Games and Model shop (thanks Lee for the hint) and it is a great shop with a large assortment of goodies and nice helpful staff at that.

We also visited the Chatham Naval Docks Museum. While there we could have a look at the 3 historic vessels present and had a workshop at the ropery where the kids were allowed to make some real hemp rope (apparently 300 miles of the stuff was needed on an average ship of the line).

Some pictures of HMS Gannet:

HMS Cavalier with HM Submarines Ocelot in the background

HM Submarine Ocelot:

We went in the submarine and there's some movies of me in there that we will not be showing the wider public....

During our visit of Hastings I actually managed to meet up with Master Michael Awdry of the Fabled Awdry Towers, but like the big boobies we are we totally forgot to make a picture :-( Without overreacting: this must have been my personal highlight of the trip, so thanks M!

At the end of the trip a visit to London was planned and I just had to get into Hamley's to get the boys something and luckily I managed to find Arthur some Transformers action figures as well as a selfie with his great Hero Optimus Prime.

Meanwhile on the hobby front I have managed to paint the Human team for Blood Bowl by now as well as some more GIJoe vehicles and crew. I hope to feature them soon(ish).

Cheers Sander

Saturday, 5 May 2018

To Blog or not to Blog...


It will not have escaped your attention that this blog has been silent for some time. This is mainly due to the fact that I have both been very busy:

- I had heaps of tests to mark
- there were meetings about pupils at work, takes up a lot of time
- my youngest son got ill (he's fine by now now worries)
- I went away to the UK with school (more on that later)
- we rebuilt our garden shed and started building a playground-thingy in the garden of mega-enormous size.

and the fact I have been thinking about stopping to blog at all.

While the blog has a steadfast group of followers that actually reply to my posts, for which I am grateful so thanks heaps chaps,  I also get to speak to most of them elsewhere like on FB and the like. Therefore it is sometimes hard to know for whom I actually write this blog. Now this may seem harsh but compare making a blog post to doing a FB post: for a blogpost you have to at least try to take decent pictures with an actual camera, you then have to adapt those pictures (in size etcetera) and write a half decent post to go along, add labels and so on. Now a FB post is going to FB click on the photo icon of your phone take a picture upload it and write: look what I painted / bought/ am doing. See that takes up no time at all!
Replies are instantaneous as well on FB oh and can be massive! Just a few days ago I posted a picture of some stuff I got for Bloodbowl and it got 132 plus likes !!! That's insane...isn't it?

So am I after the satisfaction provided by that horror that is Social Media Gratification measured in likes? Well no, but the fact that on the many FB groups I frequent I can get an almost immediate response to questions and posts and thus feedback, is just really great.

So why haven't I closed the blog down? Well I might still do that, photobucket has summoned me to resubscribe and if I don't most of the pictures here will disappear soon. But I mainly refrained from doing so because the blog has brought me so many good hobby friends as well like Michael, Iannick, Ray, Millsy and not to be forgotten the Snowlord himself. 
So I will stick with it some longer and re-think all this blogging shenanigans a bit better.

Next up will either be a post on my schooltrip to the UK or something Blood Bowl related, I haven't decided yet so bear with me.

Cheers Sander

Saturday, 17 March 2018

Two new posts are up!


Just to show you guys I've not been idle these last few weeks there are two posts up at the AHPC page.

The first is the Curtgeld entry fee for the Challenge which is a joint venture with the esteemed Lord Awdry here:

The second is the first part of my attempt to reach the 1000 points target I have set myself for the Challenge.

Hope you like them!

Cheers Sander

Saturday, 10 March 2018

Camels Galore!


Dave D and myself are having a little Camels Side Duel over at the AHPC page. So if you fancy seeing some great painted camels (Dave's mostly), head over with this:

and put in a vote. Thanks heaps!

Sunday, 25 February 2018

Guess what...

... I actually won something! Remember me asking you to go over to the AHPC Theme Round and have look oh and perhaps vote for me? Well apparently enough of you did and so I actually won it. I think that pretty much comes as the second best experience of the Challenge right after being asked to be a Minion.

Oh my, I am humbled by this... I really did not expect to win this Theme Round at all with so many superb entries. So a great and sincere thank you to everyone who voted for me and also a very big congrats to the other contestants. I will try to use the gift certificate for the School-club and will let you know what I get for it.

Cheers Sander

Saturday, 24 February 2018

more Heroquest and GI Joe


There's a new post up at the AHPC site!

Cheers Sander

Sunday, 18 February 2018

I love it when a plan comes together...

Hoi There,

Over at the AHPC another theme round "Childhood" has gone online again. Go over and check out my entry and perhaps even vote for me ;-)