Sunday, 20 November 2016

More '80s Pulp!


While painting time is in short supply here, mainly due to me correcting a lot of tests, I painted some more blue clad baddies for my '80s Pulp Project a while ago.

Just the pictures for now, more babble on this project in a later post.

Some command figures

Grunts with night vision goggles

the rest of the grunts

The whole litter of grunts

There are still quite a few of these figures to paint and I found some 3D printable files of vehicles and will look into getting some of those done.

Cheers Sander

Friday, 11 November 2016

Sunday, 6 November 2016

The Crisis has passed!


Yesterday I was in the lucky situation of visiting the Crisis 2016 in Antwerp. As always I went there together with my brother and this year, for the first time, my 5 year old son Arthur came along. Needless to say: we had a blast!

Upon arriving we had a surprise in store for us, because there as a rather long cue in front of the Waagnatie building. From event-reports online and in magazines I understand this is rather normal in the UK and US, but for me it was a first time experience and it did feel a bit silly to be honest.

Inside we made a round to pick up my pre-orders first, with these safely tucked away, I could now check my budget- balance and went on the hunt for bargains. While Arthur kept himself up admirably for a five-year-old in such a busy and impulse-rich environment, he did start to get itchy by now and I missed some shops like Annie's (Big Squido Games) and some others I would have liked to visit but that was ok since in the end I got almost everything from my wish-list. I missed out on paints and Valejo filler, but did find some much needed primer-spraycans for a bargain price.

As every year I brought my camera along, but 1) I am rather bad at making photographs and 2) the pictures in the magazines show up eventually so there's no need for total coverage of all things admired at the show. So I asked Arthur what he wanted to see pictures taken of. Here we go:

This floating castle was a brilliant participation game, I didn't catch what ruleset but it was really nice, one of the floating rocks contained a tower which in reality was a dicetower: very cool!

Arhtur really liked Sally 4th's new Amsterdam Canal Bridge. When I took the picture the very kind gentleman behind the counter explained he is planning a range of Dutch/ Amsterdam scenery to support the May '40 Dutch army miniatures also featured on this website.

On we went to see a lot of very good demo- and participation games.My son fell for the ones including trains and you'd be amazed at how many there were, about 4 had some.

My brother took this rather flashy picture of the lad and me looking at some display that had led's in it which made it attractive to little kiddies (of all ages ;-).

One of my favourites was this table of an early Roman army confronting other Latin tribes in a valley of well made forested hill-slopes.

The bring-and-buy department was a downright mess! I'll get to to the ups and downs of this edition of Crisis in a minute, but I'd like to state that there was not nearly enough space to get through the throng and see the stalls let alone their contents. So I took the little one on my shoulders in order not to loose him and so he could see, which made for a funny picture.

Stefan a.k.a. Monty and his palls were there to with a wonderful 15mm Fantasy table. They are selling it as fantasy but it was just as rationally thought out as any of their historical games!

Apart from Stefan, I also met up with the guys from Crush the Kaiser but stupidly forgot to photograph their 1:72 Zulu War table!

Now on to the ups and downs. Ups:
- I was able to see everything I wanted in a reasonably small amount of time due to careful pre-ordering and keeping myself in hand and from impulse buys.
- The boy had a blast and when his mum put him to bed that night he was still going on about his great day, which says enough really.
- I got almost all items from my wish-list a first one yet again!

Downs, and I do realise these are rather personal so please do not feel offended if I state stuff not agreed with by you yourself.
- When entering the first hall of the building we were almost choked out again by the, sorry for the word, stench of the catering stand. I can imagine the food will have been very nice to eat but the hall reeked of cooking fat and grey clouds of smoke hung over the catering stand. This must be a highly personal experience by my brother and me and I am sure all you other visitors were not bothered by it, we were....
- An observation made by me and 4 others I spoke on the day was that the lay-out of both halls has been altered compared to preceding years which made the
convention unnecessarily busy, crowded and chaotic. Again it must be highly personal but I really felt rushed and claustrophobic at some points of the hall which I have never before.

That said they were only a very small part of an otherwise excellent day out. Sadly I didn't meet up with some of my regular friends at the show like Jan Willem, Koen and others but we'll see each other soon elsewhere I'm sure.

Let's have a look at the loot shall we?

In more detail now. Thanks to Johan I was able to replenish my Classic Battletech 'mechs store. A very good deal brought me a nice amount of mechs I haven't got or ones I like a second one of. 

My 28mm projects were spoilt for choice this time round as well. I invested in some more Stronghold terrain figures for the Dark Age project with more characters from the "Vikings Series" like Björn, Aethelstaen and Floki. I also got a female champion, -banner bearer and some more civilians (the latter from Foundry). I also bought a Warpainting booklet on painting the Dark Ages, more on that later when I have finished reading it.

The biggest winner this day must be my 28mm 80's pulp project. A truck from Rubicon models will give me an useful scenario objective. From the nice people at Crooked Dice I obtained their new landrover defender and policemen, divers, ninja's, Thuggees and some villains. These will be reinforced with some figures from Spectre miniatures and the nice SUV they sell.In all a very nice haul I reckon.

Cheers Sander

Sunday, 16 October 2016

Back to the farm!

Hoi There,

As an encore to the Dark Age buildings from some posts ago here are some villagers to go along with those. I am not to sure what make they are. I know I have bought quite some Gripping Beast miniatures and some other brands as well but am not sure which ones and what figures are from what brand. Frankly: I do not really care.

Anyway, let's get on with the pictures right?

Oh and some little pigsy wigsy's got finished as well, I really like the look of these proto pigs, the sheep awaiting me are a bit more daunting though since they too are of a Dark Age breed I am unfamiliar with.

That's all for today folks!

Cheers Sander

Monday, 10 October 2016

Unmarried Zulu's or Napoleonic Austrians anyone?


Just a quick post to let you all know that HäT has put up a duo of crowdfunders for 1:32 Austrian Napoleonics and 1:72 Unmarried Zulu warriors here: LINK.

These sets have been in the making for quite some time and to fasten the process, HäT has now decided to go the way of the crowdfunder to bring them to the wider public.

While I have no use for 1:32 figures I have ordered some of the Zulu's which are Unmarried ones at this moment not available on the market in correct attire anywhere.

For about $15 you would be getting 60 Zulu's! Yup I am in ;-)

Cheers Sander

Monday, 26 September 2016

Rubbish...utter rubbish!


Today I'll be putting up a few pictures of some of my modern scatter terrain. Most pieces are from the TTCombat resin scenery line. These are little gems even if they do suffer from some flash. The flames in the oil drum are rubbish, I know, but well I have to get me a decent tutorial on doing those than I guess.

This model was a toy-car my eldest son got but which broke down the second day he was playing with it. I painted it using the excellent tutorial done by Gunbird at his blog. Now I know there's quite a lot wrong with this one such as the lay-out of the debris and the area's of rust pattern I applied, but it is my first attempt at anything like this and I like it!

Cheers Sander

Ascloha revisited...


Well Hugo is settling in fine and since he's rather quick falling asleep in the evening I get a little downtime then. So here's the promised post about the MDF buildings I am currently working on. I basically have two projects: one is a Dark Age project, which will feature in today's post, the other is a Victorian/ Modern Day project.

Since I started doing the Dark Age 28mm project I have been steadily beavering away on some buildings made by Timeline Miniatures. These are very good value for money and sturdy builds at that. At the moment I have 6 buildings from their DA line: 2 Viking houses (one of which you have already seen), 2 Saxon or regular DA houses, a (Saxon) longhouse/ drinking hall and an Anglo-Romanic church/ minster. This will suffice me for some terrain and more specifically the small hamlet of Ascloha, modern day Asselt in the region where I live, where a rather cool Norsemen drama evolved. This will form the basis for my Dux Brit. campaign.

Now for some pictures!
The last finished dwelling:

While the longhouse and Minster are only based and not yet finished I thought I might show you the progress anyway.

The Longhouse:

The Minster:

When these are done I still need to do some scatter terrain to spruce the board up but this will be fine since I already have some Renedra wattle fences and more DA animals lying here.

Next up will be some stuff for the Modern terrain project.

Cheers Sander