Sunday, 17 August 2008

Back from Paris!

Hoi you all!
Well we're back from Paris and had a blast! We have seen quite a lot of the city's highlights (maybe not all from the inside but hey what do you want if you only have 5 days?) and I am very content having seen all these things. Of course my main interest was our visit to the Musée de L'Armée in the Domes des Invalides, which was great even though the Napoleonic Gallery was closed for renovation. Inside the building one is allowed to make photo's but since it is not allowed to use flash and most of the pieces are behind mirroring-glass making decent pictures is very difficult. Therefore I did not make many pictures indoors, but was fortunate in finding some excellent books in the store with colour photographs of WW1 uniforms of the museum's collection.

One of the things that really bothered me more then I would have guessed up front is how touristic some of the city's highlights are: when visiting Napoleon's Tomb we were rushed on all sides by tourists not really interested in the meaning of the place but rather in being able to tell the folks at home they had been there...

Okay, on to some pictures then!

De Domes des Invalides, where the Empereur has found his last resting place, although I doubt whether he has must rest what with all those people walking in and out...

Me with one of L'Empereurs Petite Filles in the inner courtyard

Me again, this time down at the lower level of the Tomb. Now it feels like I was just as bad as all those tourists running in and out....hmmmm
I will post some more pics in the next topic here!

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