Sunday, 24 August 2008

Something different altogether...


Today's update is more or less just to let everyone know how I am doing, which is fine! Just before the summer holiday started I had a job interview at an exclusive Private School which, to my great surprise, hired me out of 4 candidates even though I did not have the right papers for said job. I didn't quite know what to expect having always been employed by big public schools, but during my visits to the school and the conversations with the Principal and staff I found myself liking them a lot and gaining respect for their aims in regard of how they are running the establishment. Just last week thunder struck and my own old school called in desperate search of a teacher in history and they could offer me a rather better perspective then the private school... so I had a hard choice to make. In the end I decided to go for my old school since they offered me more teaching hours (and thus more income), I would be working with old classmates and teachers who have taught me in the past and it is only 3 blocks from my present house...

The job-interview at my old school went well and I was duly hired, now I had to call the private school to tell them I would resign my commission. Those are the phone calls I dread, but as it happens the principal was very cool about it even if my resignation put them in an awkward position of needing to find replacement for me very fast...

So now I will start at my old school tomorrow and am very curious as to what is in store for me.

On the hobby front things have been very quite, some minor health issues have made me take a lot of rest this last week and not much painting has been done. I must also admit that for the present I am very sick of Feld Grau and as soon as those WW1 German cavalry are finished I am going to do some Napoleonic Prussians again as a counterweight.

Well that's all for now

Cheerio Sander

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