Saturday, 3 January 2009

Late War Germans

Shown here are some of the Late War Germans I painted for my 1000 pnt The Great War Army. I decided to go with an "Assault-Battalion" due to two reasons: fewer figures to paint (so I can start playing asap) and very good statistics; cool! The figures shown here are mostly Revell, Ceasar and EMHAR products. I am really biased against the latter firm but they have some decent high ranking officers lacking in other sets so well I chose the lesser of two weevils right?

The German Imperial Staff (all EMHAR excepting the officer in the helmet which is Revell) The chap in black leather coat shooting his pistol looks very much like the Crown Prince as depicted in Mollo's excellent book on WW1 Uniforms... The officer on the left is an adjutant/ staff officer for gaming purposes.

Stormtrooper company front and back view. This is a small but hard-hitting company.

Below is a front- and back view of two of my regular assault platoons. In the end I will have 2 companies, every company consisting of a command squad (1 officer and 4 troopers) with 3 platoons of 9 men each. The chap in purple helmet covered in pink flowers is a concession to my dearest Girlfriend ;-)

This is a metal Artillery Caisson (protze) by Fine Scale.

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