Thursday, 5 November 2009

I'm back!

Hoi Everyone!

For some time I have been absent from the blog but now I am back. I got married and bought a new house so you'll understand I had to use my time differently from the usual painting but now I have had some time to paint and here are the first results of that.

Below are pictures of my French Hussar Conversions, I still need to give them a coat of varnish and some grass flock:

Below you can see the new Zvezda French Lancers painted as the Chevaux Legere Lanciers de Berg

Hope you like them!

Cheers Sander

Listening to: Ixnay on the Hombre by the Offspring

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Docsmith said...

Sander - nice job! I love the Zvezda figures - got the Guard Cossacks and am very impressed with the animation of the figures and superbly sculpted horses. They also make one of the best artillery sets ever done - Russian 1812 of course - I was blown away (excuse the pun) by the quality and sheer amount of equipment in the set. Very difficult to come by Down Under unfortunately. I have extensive 1/72 - 20mm armies - they were the first to start me off again in the hobby after an absence of about 20 years! Also frustrating is that sets like the Zvezdas are not available in 28mm which forms the bulk of my current collection. Mind you, if I got results like yours - those Berg lancers are fantastic - I may not have bothered leaving the old 20mm behind!

I've also just posted some more on my blog re the Perry plastic figures I've recently done. Please feel free to have a look/leave a comment;

Note: if you scroll down I've also put a better picture of the FPW Prussians - von Bredow's boys from the famous 'Tottenritt' at Mars La Tour.