Tuesday, 26 January 2010


Hoi Folks!

Just a quick intermezzo! Yesterday I have finished the last two HäT Napoleonic Artillery testshots.

Above the 1806 Prussian Artillery set.

And it's French counterpart. These guns are really pretty large and I am wondering whether these are a bit too large or other guns too small or that other producers' guns represent smaller field-pieces.

Whatever the answer I like these two versatile sets a lot!

Cheers Sander

Listening to: "Steel this Album!" System of a Down.


I talk too much too said...

Didn't you have some Dwarfs to finish? :-P

Ziet er weer goed uit jung, maar heb je de moldlines er expres op gelaten of is dat een 'echte' moldine op het kanon?

Sander said...

The Dwarfs are long since finished and already featured in the battlereport :-P

Besides testshots always take precedence over anything else.

mbt de mouldline: als je die probeert te verwijderen rafelt de plastic heel erg, ja ook als je een hééél scherp mes neemt. Dat komt doordat testshot-plastic anders van substantie is dan normaal plastic.