Thursday, 5 August 2010

Cuirassiers arrive

Hoi there,

Just a short text update to tell you all that, due to a good friend, I have received some of the new and highly awaited Zvezda Cuirassiers! They sure look great in detail and poses. The only minor whine I have about the set is that there's no pose of a trooper at rest; it's all full in the charge.

But well I can live with that perfectly.

Watch this space some painted examples might crop up soon!

Cheers Sander


Rosbif said...

I am extremely envious! I've been waiting for these for a long time and even lashed out and bought a pack of Legio cuirassiers in the meantime; very dissapointing! I'll probably just wait impatiently for the Zvezda pack to be released.

Sander said...

I have nearly finished the riders and will start on the horses next. I will try to find some time to make WIP pictures soon.

Cheers Sander