Saturday, 25 September 2010

WIP: Napoleonic Italians Final Part

Hoi Everyone!

Here are the pictures showing the finished Italians.

I have done up the facings with GW red gore and Valejo Red. All black items like the hats and cartridge boxes were done in Valejo Black with a highlight. All pompoms have been coloured in two's: yellow, purple, white and light blue.The backpacks and coat-rolls were highlighted.

Finally I added an extra layer of ivory and pale sand to the small clothes and trousers respectively and painted all belts Valejo foundation white. Then the buttons were done with a small black dot followed by some Valejo silver.

And hey presto: Italians!

Cheers Sander

Listening to "Immersion" by Pendulum, or possibly the other way round...


Anonymous said...


Docsmith said...

Lovely painting Sander - excuse my ignorance but what make are the Italians?

That AWI BP game looked great BTW - beautiful terrain and figures.


Sander said...

Hoi Doc,

The figures are a mix of several HäT sets, with extensive conversions and a metal officer on Italeri horse.
I think the miniatures are bodies from the 1808-1812 big box with the bicorned heads from the Revolutionary infantry set.

Cheers Sander