Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Inaugural Battles

Hoi Folks!

Last holiday I played some lovely games with my buddy Koen on the new gaming table. The first was a nice The Great War game using Russians against Germans in 1914. The Russians had to evacuate their guns and the Germans had to destroy them. The Russians managed to haul off the guns but their army was destroyed utterly while doing this so we finished on a draw.

Next we played a Black Powder Napoleonic game which was also nice, but I forgot to take pictures until the last turn in which all was over but the mopping up. Set in the days just before Waterloo the Allies needed to withdraw from the French Avant Garde. I played the French needless to say: the Allies won.

Greetings Sander

Listening to: "Beyond Hell, above Heaven"  from Volbeat


Anonymous said...

I have a couple of boxes of Hat WW1 French that I really should paint did the Great War rules work out? i have them but have never used them.



Sander said...

Hoi Matt,
The Great War rules are very easy-going. We've played lots of games already and I think that the rules capture the feel of the conflict very well. What you do have to consider is that the rules are based on Warhammer 40.000 so if you do not like those...
Let me know how your first expierences are and I would love to see those painted French as well ;-)
Cheers Sander