Monday, 20 December 2010

Holiday Update

Hello hello!

Finally the Christmas holiday has arrived! Man have I deserved this 2 week break from work, even if I say so myself. Well anyway it gave me some time to finish yet another regiment of HäT Chasseurs into a regiment Légère. I really do love these guys. Also I finally managed to put together and paint up some of my Night Goblins for WH Fantasy. Now these latter are just meant for gaming so they will be painted in a very basic way. The musician and banner bearer of this 40 Gobbo unit are still unfinished but the rest are as good as they will get.

Enjoy Sander!

Listening to: "The Light Fantastic" a Terry Pratchett Audiobook read by Tony Robinson


Paul´s Bods said...

Really nice painting but the goblins are my favourite :-)

west1871 said...

Amazing work.

Rosbif said...

I've got HaT's carabiniers and voltiguers mixed with Zvezda voltiguers painted as chasseurs. I'm yet to get HaT's chasseurs, but looking at yours, I'll have to get myself some; You've done a great job!

Enjoy your holidays!

Sander said...

Gentlemen, thank you for your comments!

@ Paul, even if these gobbo's are not very well painted pur sang? ;-)

@ Rosbif: yes you do! Especially the Command set is brilliant, good stuff for money. You will not regret it.

Cheers everyone Sander