Tuesday, 8 February 2011

"Here come the lobsters!"


Just one picture today. My first Peninsular British Regiment for gaming.

Cheers Sander

Still listening to Tron Legacy the Soundtrack by Daft Punk on Spotify


Rosbif said...

Nice! What make are the command figures? I recognise the infantry as HaT Peninsula British.

Shadrach said...

I remember in 8th grade we had to read "My Brother Sam is Dead" and the British were called 'Lobster-backs.' Wow, forgot all about that!

Well done, mate! The drummer is perfection! I like the different colored (coloured) trousers. Perfect for Spain.

Sander said...

Gentlemen, thanks for your kind words, they are humbling...

@Rosbif: the footofficer rigth from the colours is an Esci Ensign with the flag cut off. The banner bearers, mounted officer and drummer are all from the old Revell set. I still have a lot of them lying around.

@Shadrach: I came up with the title due to the episode in the Hornblower series called "Frogs and Lobsters" if you haven't seen that one check it out!

Cheers Sander

P.S. I enjoyed both your blogs too, but Firefox doesn't let me post there... When I post a comment I have to do it at work.