Monday, 28 March 2011

Napoleonics galore!


Some time ago I was staring at some of my Napoleonic artillery bases and couldn't loose a certain feeling of un-ease. I have always based my artillery (arty for short) on circular bases and they just didn't get the feel right. I love the arty bases done by the Perry's and Front Rank but couldn't get why mine didn't look like that. And then it hit me: they are on rectangular bases. So here are the results of my trials with a rectangular base. Some Revell RFA with both a six pounder and a howitzer. The guns was left off the base so that I can switch between guns but also use the gun with the limber when mounted for transport.


Side view 

Front view

another side view

With six pounder

Some casualty markers made using esci and airfix figures

Cheers Sander,

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Shadrach said...

Those are great! Good looking figures. They look really sharp painted up.

I like the vignette (stacked rifles and backpacks)

The plaid on the highlanders is good. I just painted a kilt for the first time the other day (Revell 8th army) and it looks stupid!

Love the Airfix, cuirassier (dragoon.) I had them as a young boy and lost them all but that's always been one of my favorite poses.

Nice to see him come alive!

Sander said...

Thanks for your kind words, I am pretty pleased with them all.

Rosbif said...

I have the infantry casualties by Tragik, but so far they don't have cavalry casualties. Which Esci kits include the cav. casualties?

I love your Revell artillery. I might have to acquire a set myself. I have the Call to Arms British artillery, which is good, but not as detailed as the Revell set.

I talk too much too said...

Kheb die bases van jou altijd tof gevonden, het zijn net mini-diorama's.
Goed werk, weer!

Sander said...

@Rosbif: The cavalry casualties are from the Airfix sets. The only other Cavalry casualty I have is from Italeri not from Esci. The Scottish soldier carrying his friend is ESCI.

@AM: Cheers mate!