Sunday, 20 March 2011

Sci-Fi madness II


After yesterday's post I got some questions which prompted me to make some additional pictures of the 40K vehicle project and so here they are.

First up some pictures showing the Old Crow Halftrack and Slingshot Multipurpose AFV converted to some Chimera-esk 40K APC. On the Halftrack I used some IG parts and specially a multi-laser for the original Old Crow turrett. For the Slingshot I hoped to have a chimera turret in my bit's box but this turned out to be a leman russ turret... erm so I downgraded that one with a multilaser and here you are...

                                                                         Front view

                                                                 Side view

                                                                  Rear view

It might be worthwhile to show you all how these vehicles compare to regular 40K vehicles so here we have some pictures taken with one of my Dark Angel Razorbacks and my customized Chimera

Cheers Sander

Listening to: "Tron Legacy Soundtrack" by Daft Punk, brilliant stuff

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