Monday, 29 August 2011

La Haye Sainte Revisited, Part I


Holiday is over, sadly, but I still have found some hobby-time. A long time ago I had a version of the famous Airfix La Haye Sainte farm building. I put it together, rather inexpertly, and used it in early wargames and mucking around with toy soldiers. At some point along the way it got wrecked and I had to throw it away. Last year I was really getting into building scenery for the gaming table en got a put-together La Haye from Martin from I decided to revamp it and get some decent detail on it to make it look better then the original kit. While researching the real building I found out that the kit doesn't resemble the actual building by a long shot. So in the end I decided to still revise the building but use it as a more "all-purpose" farm rather then the La Haye Sainte pur sang.

Here are the first pictures of this project.

First up the building as I got it from Martin:

The main farm house revised by me, mind you it's still pretty much a work in progress so not finished by far:

To be honest, I guess it well take me ages to complete the total structure but I do believe the end-result will look pretty nice.

Cheers Sander

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Anonymous said...

I have this kit as well. I had two plans:

1. Alter it so it looks like the real thing (which is a lot of work) OR

2. Use it to make a lot of smaller buildin and buy the Miniatuurwereld kit!

Your project is therefore very interesting and looks very good!


Rodger said...

Great to see the old Airfix farm getting a new lease of life. I have had mine for 30+ years and I would like to revamp at some point too.