Saturday, 17 September 2011

Regiment Oranje Nassau


Since I had some HäT Nassau Napoleonics left over I thought I'd turn them into the regiment Oranje Nassau. A regiment raised from the German mini-State of Oranje home seat of the Dutch Royal House of Orange-Nassau (Oranje-Nassau), which was part of the Allied army facing Napoleon in the 1815 campaign.

I am not entirely sure whether this regiment carried Nassau standards, but I am very sure that Dutch and Belgian regiments carried NO standards so I thought I'd give them a Nassau ensign just to err on the right side ;-)

Cheers Sander

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Ray Rousell said...

Very nice! Not sure about the flag, but it looks great to me!!

Rodger said...

Don't know about the flag either, but I would definitely have added one. Very nice looking troops too BTW.

Sander said...

Thatnks chaps, I think I'll leave the banner where it is, makes for a nice contrast with the blue uniforms ;-)

Cheers Sander