Saturday, 10 September 2011

Württemberg Update


In the last Black Powder Battle report I posted I mentioned I had to use a Württemberg detachment to supplement my French forces.I am actually building a brigade sized force for them of 3 line infantry regiments, each with a stand of grenadiers, and a separate light infantry regiment. The latter is the last to be done since yesterday I finished the last Line Regiment featured here.


What's great is that you can make this 4 regiment brigade from just ONE box of HÄT Württemberg infantry for about €11,- beat that! ;-)

 Cheers Sander

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Rodger said...

Very very nice work there Sander. They are good value too.

Fire at Will said...

Excellent work. I'm tempted by the new HaT figures, but I've already got a brigade made of Bavarian conversions from several years ago.


Sander said...

@Rodger: thanks for the kind words ;-)

@ Will: usually I'd agree with you on such dilemma's and not buy new stuff but one box of HäT Württembergers is 100 figures for just €11,- you simply cannot resist I know for sure. The HäT artillery for the Württembergers is brilliant as well! See: