Monday, 7 November 2011

Crisis 2011 Part II


Saturday's Crisis was in many ways the best I've visited in about 4 years mostly due to the nice company I had and also due to the huge amount of nice stuff on show. So here are some more pictures. These pictures were made by my brother on his I-phone so hence the quality of some isn't up to par. I should also mention that some of them are rotated the wrong way and even though I have changed this in the Picture Manager and in Photobucket itself they still appear wrong here for which I apologise. I also apologise for not getting the names and handouts for most of the tables, I have to go about it more methodically next time...

Too Fat Lardies Demo by Sidney and friends

WW1 Game:

28mm Roman Game:

Pardulon demo:

Vietnam game:

ACW Game:

The famous Italian Invasion of Abyssinia-game:
  Napoleonics game, this game was great to watch in progress since it featured a HUGE French marching column passing a pontoon-bridge, each time we passed the table the French had moved on a bit further on the field of battle!

"Crush the Kaiser" Great War demo, the craters are indeed filled with liquid!

I really should have taken some overview shots of the venue as well but hey you can't have it all right?

Cheers Sander

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Ray Rousell said...

Great photos, thanks for posting them!

Sander said...

@Ray: you have commented on blogs that have shown better pictures and reports but I appreciate your kind words ;-)

Rodger said...

Great report Sander. Nothing wrong with the photos. Really like the Crush the Kaiser game, awesome.

Sander said...

@Rodger: thanks! Yeah the Crush the Kaiser table is great: they have an all new site here: