Sunday, 11 March 2012

Here come the lobsters!


A short while ago I indulged in the testshot sprues of 3 HäT sets, to whit the Peninsular British Command set, The British Colonial Command set and the British Colonial infantry set. The former is now finished and here are some pictures to wet your appetite. The heads are separate and what is new is the fact that the heads do not come with a peg, but the peg is fastened to the body while the heads have a corresponding gap. This gives you the option of making a pre- and post 1812 uniform or a mix. Also included is a head with, what I initially thought to be an undress cap. As it turns out upon closer examination it is actually a Scottish Kilmarnock with chequered band and all. Well I painted as an undress cap anyway.

The mounted officer:

Officers on foot:

Other ranks:

BTW: have you discovered the two glaring mistakes in this picture? Yep the serg has no rank chevrons and the drummers has no shako plate, I will rectify this asap.

Here an alternative head swap for the serg:

Cheers Sander

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Nick Grant said...

Far our Sander, these look amazing! Great work.


Ray Rousell said...

Great painting!!!!

DeanM said...

Fantastic painting and the basing is very nice too. Dean

Rosbif said...

Lovely, Sander!

BTW, how does one get one's hands on the test sprues? Do you contact them via the HaT website email? Do you have to pay for the privilege?

Rodger said...

Really nice fig's and well painted too.

Sander said...

Hoi all, thanks for the great comments. These chaps paint up like a treat.

@ Rosbif: yes you mail them on the website and pay a modest fee for the testsprues you would like to have, but you have to be fast because they only have a limited amount.

Cheers Sander

Lou said...

These look great!