Friday, 6 April 2012

Letter to GW


While I have been painting miniatures for what seems to me ages, it's actually about 17 years or so, it was 2nd edition 40K from GW that got me into gaming. I still vividly remember my first game and relish it as my first feat of Glory on the field of well the tabletop. Now for years now I have stopped playing the regular flagship GW games for a whole bucket-load of reasons, yet each time I try to put this in writing it ends up with me ranting at GW. So before I start doing that again here's a video of someone who put the finger on the sore-spot in a very decent and constructive way. Check it out and judge for yourselves:

Cheers Sander

Listening to Matthew from Mini-wargaming.


Tim said...

What a great find, he really articulates well the problems with GW's business model, without ranting!

Henry's Tat said...

Its a good video with some strong points. like yourself I got in to GW at 2nd edition 40K and no longer play any of there games (warhammer historical aside) and find it very hard to say a good word about them, I do (or did) use there paints but now I’m going to stop as the whole range has changed…and I fear change!

Sander said...

Hear hear chaps, thanks for your comments!