Wednesday, 13 June 2012

In a Galaxy far far away...


As I mentioned a while ago I am working on a "secret project". Now many of you said they would like to know what this project would be but if you were hoping for historics you're sadly disappointed... Mark and I have played a few games of Space Dreadnought 3000, this is a strategic level game rather then the tactical games we usually play. Now while Mark got a decent fleet and the rules on the last Crisis in Antwerp, I used a fleet cobbled together from Battletech stuff I have lying around. First I was content using this hotch-potch force since we were not going to play this game much anyway, but... well Mark has a professional laser cutter and did some brilliant terrain-tiles and ye Gods its a nice and fast game so bugger all else and get me a fleet. Now to be honest I disliked the fleets offered by the makers of the game Kallistra, and so went in for a few figures from Studio Bergstrom. It will be no surprise that I went for mini's from the Scythe Empire and ordered some testers in. I got the two really BIG Star-destroyers and two smaller ones together with some fighters. Now this is too small a force to game with successfully so yesterday I ordered a second batch of the beauty's.

What also was needed are some spacestations and civilian craft, I got these mostly from Spartan Games's Firestorm Armada range.

As we speak I have also finished the two large Star Destroyers, but the weather is horrible so I can't make any decent pictures. Also the second order for my fleet from Bergstrom has arrived and when I have the entire fleet painted up they'll feature in an army-showcase all of their own ;-)

Hope you like the pictures,

Cheers Sander

Listening to:  "The Empire Strikes Back, soundtrack" by John Williams

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