Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Trench Raiders


And now for something all together different! While Koen and myself use 1:72 plastics to play The Great War games, Koen switched to 28mm metals for the Trench Raids mini games featured in the Over The Top supplement. Since I guess I am going to play some of these with him, I thought it wise to get me a small team of 28's as well. When looking for cool mini's my eye fell on the great site of Hinterland Miniatures and some of these great mini's were ordered.

I have now painted them up excepting the leader of the bunch whose still waiting on the workbench. These are great mini's and not just because they are all dashing galls, but because they have loads of detail. The only nag I have is that the shape of the Pickelhaube is not entirely correct other then that I highly recommend them.

Cheers Sander

Listening to: "Glory to the Brave" by Hammerfall


Rosbif said...

Nice work. I like the detail of the backpacks.

Did you find it much different to painting 1/72nd?

Sander said...

@Rosbif: well yes and no; the level of detail is more or less the same but on 28's it shows when you do not paint it, while you can get away with that on 1:72's.

Shading and highlighting is harder on the big 'uns.

Alois Nebel said...

Nice work. And when we can await some trench defenders? :-)

Sander said...

Probably never, since Koen has enough of those!

Ogilvie VC said...

Your 28's are every bit as good as your 1/72nd. I've just switched to painting 28s and they are definitely more challenging but the detail is more clearly etched so dry brushing is very effective for picking out detail.
Those Hinterland figs are stunning...love the female trench raiders.

Koen said...

Looking good! My brave Brits are waiting for the hun attack to arrive!

peter said...

Oh! 28mm figures! How dare you? :-D

Excellent painted figures!

And now back to the 1/72 scale! :-D