Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Join the Alliance in their fight against the Empire!


As promised earlier here are some more pictures of my Star Wars Alliance fighters.
These models are from Studio Bergstrom's 1"fighter ships range, at present I only have the Alliance fighters in house, so I cannot comment on the Imperial fighters but boy are these nifty little craft!

The detail is enormously fine for such small mini's and still they paint up a treat!

First up, are more shots from the A-wings.The red one is the familiar colour scheme from the movies, the blue one I picked off of the www.

The next series of pictures shows one of my two X-wings. These are great too and much larger then the A-wing just like they would be in "real life".

Did state these craft were mine, just now? Oh well that's a small lie, since I am painting them up for my buddy Mark and his son Enzo. Like me they are huge Star Wars fans and I thought these would be cool for them to have. As I am duly in love with the Studio Bergstrom produce, I will end up buying some of these for myself in the end anyway I guess.

Cheers and may the Force be with you!


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Mark said...

Enzo says: talented this painter is.
Mark says: impressive!