Thursday, 7 February 2013

Army showcase: First Aragon Borderers


Some time ago I photographed most of my Battletech collection. Today's update brings you my Federated Commonwealth regiment of the First Aragon Borderers. In the Sourcebook Federated Suns they are described as a regular Battlemech regiment with an added battalion of armoured fighting vehicles rather then a full Regimental Combat Team, therefore I have added a fair amount of tanks and stuff.
The colour scheme came about as a combination of the Aragon's own blue scheme combined with the blue-line scheme from the computer game Mechwarrior 4 vengeance. I like it a LOT! This probably is my nicest looking CBT army to date, at least in my humble opinion. I like playing my Jade Falcons better still...

The whole army arrayed on parade:

Heavy and Assault lances plus the armoured cars, VTOL and hover-crafts:

Light or recon lance:

The armoured support:

As you can see the company is several 'Mechs short and these will be added when available. There are some very nice Unseen chassis in this lot and I am really happy with how they turned out!

Cheers Sander

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Francis Lee said...

They turned out damn well mate.