Tuesday, 23 April 2013



As I have said often before: I am not very fond of commissions, yet now and again I find myself painting figures for other people. The figures below were in my collection a long time until I finally realised I was not going to use them having sold most of my 30 YW figures. Therefore I have now painted them up as Spanish for Uwe's great Rocroi diorama. They should be accompanied by some more pikemen when I have time to paint them up.

Cheers Sander

Listening to: "Uno" by Green Day


DeanM said...

Beautiful colors on these fine pikemen. Best, Dean

Francis Lee said...

Those look good sir.

David Berta said...

Awesome work with the red and yellow, they look quite striking. By the way your Welcome Gift is up on the blog for you to look at, I hope you like it. Regards David

Nick Grant said...

They look sooo coooll! Outstanding!

Carlos said...

Very nice painted, but those yellow and red are not so right for xvii century spanish... Specially the flag; that design would be ok for aragon or catalonian forces, but in rocroi you woul never see that in regular tercios, mstly castilian origin.

Phil said...

Great looking minis with beautiful colors!!