Monday, 17 June 2013



During the 7YW battle at the IMPACT convention a newly painted regiment received its baptism of fire.
As I had two more Austrian regiments primed and ready for painting, I had to decide which colourscheme to use. As always my first point of call is the fabulous Kronoskaf site.

As it turned out pretty much every line regiment had either red or blue turn-backs, since I wanted as much diversity as possible, I ended up painting this regiment in the colours of the Platz regiment i.e. orange.

The painting was a bit of a challenge since I got a bit harsher tone of orange than actually needed, but I kind of like the end result. During the battle the regiment didn't shine out but held the centre with some other regular regiments so in all a decent effort.

Now just one other regiment awaits painting and finishing them would mean the army would be done. That would be an absolute first for me. But...and there's always a big but, pun intended, after the game I decided to do some more cuirassiers so there we go!

Cheers Sander

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