Sunday, 21 July 2013

Flash Harry


Just a quick post. As a reaction to my Flashman topic Mister Rosbif asked where these figures can be obtained. They were originally done by Chiltern Miniatures but they do not exist any more. The Flashman range has been sold to SHQ miniatures and you can find them through this link

Now I am not entirely pleased with the mini's. I have finished the Native American girl that comes together with the Flashman I posted earlier and they both seem to be in a slightly different scale. Also the level of detail on the girl is far less crisp and most important she does not resemble the book cover at all. I will comment on this further when I am able to post pictures of the completed pair.

Hope this satisfies the people wanting to get their own Flashy miniatures (pun intended).

Cheers Sander

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John Lambshead said...

Thanks for info.

peter said...

Thanks for the info Sander!