Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Assemble the Fleet!


The X-wing saga continues. Due to some trick of faith Mark and I were able to obtain a large collection of Star Wars goodies.
Our haul included:
- two startersets
- 2x Slave 1
- 1 x Millennium Falcon
- 1x TIE advanced
- 1x TIE interceptor
- 1x X-wing
- 1x Ywing
- 1x A wing.

This lot was complemented by the arrival of a Kenner Imperial Star Destroyer yesterday. The fleets now look something like this:

Imperial "fleet"

Mark will be playing the Alliance and I myself will be collecting the Empire. I specially love the Interceptor (or squint).One of the Firesprays will remain in the original Slave 1 colour-scheme, the other one I will repaint when I find an appropriate scheme.

Cheers Sander

Listening to: "Kollected:"Best of Kula Shaker" by Kula Shaker


Pijlie said...

Mooie dingen weer allemaal. Ik kom zelf een beetje tijd tekort, maar dit is wel erg inspirerend allemaal!

Sander said...

Wat je ook doet± speel het spel NIET, want dan ben je verkocht...

Monty said...

looks very promising.
Have a lot of fun with the stuff.


Anne said...

Your collection is growing. I see many games in your future.

Nick Grant said...

Good stuff Sander. Did you see that FFG are planning to bring out a Corvette?