Thursday, 1 August 2013

More Battletech!


One, if not the most, beloved of the Sci-Fi wargames I play, is Classic Battletech. This game not only has a decent ruleset, it has tons of background-material in the form of sourcebooks, Tech Read Outs and novels. Next to the regular CBT tabletopgame there's also a RPG and a 25/ 28 mm game called Battletroops. For this game these Draconis Combine forces are made. Now no longer in production I bought some DC and Steiner troops from Pijlie and have started painting them up in earnest. More updates will follow surely so watch this space.

Also Battletech related is this 'mech. It's an Unseen model as far as I know and sold to me as a Shadowhawk. But on the latter I'm not sure: is it a Griffin? The present production model doesn't look anything like this and all pictures I found of Unseen shadowhawks show a Rocket launcher on his right shoulder. Also as you can see, it was badly painted when arriving here from ebay. So I will re-paint it, probably in my Aragon Borderers scheme. The mechs laser weapon had broken off during transit and I replaced it with the muzzle of a 40K Imperial Guard lasgun. Why? well the original laser had a nozzle on it's end and just putting in a copper wire just did not look right therefore I fixed this solution.

Cheers Sander

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