Sunday, 3 November 2013

Crisis 2013


As announced, yesterday (Saturday November 2nd) I visited the Crisis Gaming Convention in Antwerp organised by the Tin Soldiers of Antwerp. Travelling with my brother was an immensely pleasing experience as always and since he and my dad have a knack of always finding the perfect parking spot we had a place just in front of the Hall's entrance.  As is my wont on events like this I head out like a headless chicken and forget to ask for handouts or explanation from the demos I attend and so just snap the camera away any old how. I have spoken to many old friends and even some new which is always pleasing.

Some general views of the proceedings in no particular order:

These guys were displaying an incredible Blood Bowl stadion:

Level of terrain and detail was enormous this year:

And here's our Friend J-W (aka Pijlie) getting the 8th Army kicked out of Africa by the Jerry's, while attending the Too Fat Lardies Demo.

There were a bunch of guys doing an absolutely stunning two storey Warmachine game which was just so beautiful it took a great deal of time to really appreciate and see all the details put in.

As always I stopped for a nice chat with Crush the Kaiser gurus Paul and Ian and Ian's lovely wife. Martin, from dropped by but sadly we I never got to speak with him longer since I was in a heated discussion at the moment. We'll make it up Martin!

This table really made me realise I need to start painting French Line Infantry regiments

As J.W. has stated in his blog this Japanese/ Samurai demo-game took my breath away the terrain is just amazing in its details:

There was a HUGE AWI or FIW table complete with heaps of boats which also drew a big crowd and was immense fun to look at:

This Dropzone Commander table also caught my eye for it's unusual and nicely done scenery:

Well that about rounds up my pictorial report, more pictures are available at the TSOA Facebook page. All that remains for me to do at this stage is show you the day's booty. I must say that this was one of those few times where I returned with 1/3 of my budget still in my wallet... not that I wasn't tempted to spend it but: I managed to remain in control.

Yep believe it or not but I only ended up buying two blisters of old  West End/ Grenadier Star Wars figures: Cloud City Charters and Rebel Operatives and NO other miniatures... correction I also bought a FFG HWK290 but since it comes painted and all it doesn't count.
I specifically went over board with books this year some of them I had been looking for for some time like the "British Sieges of the Peninsular War" and "Wellington 1812". Rounding the lot up is paint and a load of bases, both regular Victrix bases as well as Microart slate bases for my John Carter figures.
The only other big purchase were a box of KR X-wing trays which I have already loaded up and stored.

It was a great day even if we had a flat tire on the way back!

Cheers Sander

Listening to: "immersion" by Pendulum


Ray Rousell said...

Looked a great show Sander, thanks for sharing the pics, shame about the tire though!!

Bert van Hal said...

Hee Sander,
Mooi verslag zeg en prachtige plaatjes ook :-) Helaas heb ik je deze keer niet getroffen op Crisis. In ieder geval groet en tot een volgende gelegenheid,

DeanM said...

Great looking games - the tiered Warmachine game is very impressive. Best, Dean

Crush The Kaiser said...

Hi Sander it was great to see you as always! Paul at CTK