Friday, 9 May 2014

1805-1806 Saxons


A small post today, showing you my rendition of the Saxon Garde-Grenadiere (grenadiers of the Guard). I have composed a 3 regiment Saxon brigade from a box of HäT Saxon infantry and had enough grenadiers left to make a smaller Garde battalion.

Since the regular infantry has white uniforms, and I hate painting white uniforms, I guess they will have to wait a bit longer to be painted....

Cheers Sander

Listening to: "Jingo" a Terry Pratchett Audiobook read by Tony Robinson


Ian said...

Nice and colourful, I feel your pain regards the white


Phil said...

Well done...and good luck for the white, I did the regular infantry some years ago, it's a bit long but the mass effect is really nice...your grenadiers are very imressive, great paint job!

Francis Lee said...

Nice work, I too fecking hate white, good book Jingo!