Saturday, 16 August 2014

Vehicle Showcase: Austin Armoured Car Beute version


The Great War is still very much one of the periods I like the best to recreate in miniature. Part of this is the exotic use of all kinds of vehicles. The Austin Armoured car shown below is one of those. Primarily obtained to be used as a British armoured car, I now used it to fill the gap in my German car park. So the story behind this, which I use to excuse it's transformation in a German camo scheme is that it's was captured early on by the Germans and re-painted for their own purposes.
The model is a resin kit from a Dutch producer, since I lost the box it came in, I also forgot the brand-name.
The machine guns are Revell's German HMG's from the WW1 infantry set of which I had tons left over, the backpacks added were Resin WW2 stowage items from an unknown brand as well.

So there we have it: another addition to the 100th Year Memorial series!

Cheers Sander,

Listening to: "Issues" by Korn


Gunbird said...

Thats a lovely looking machine Sander

DeanM said...

I like it! Love the camo work and weathering. Well done. I want one too now ;)!

Pijlie said...

Very nice Sander! You know that in Great War it will either malfunction or get shot to bits, but it will look pretty in the meantime!

Sander said...

Thanks guys!
@Dean: Riveresco do some,

@Jan Willem, well at the rate we're playing TGW he'll rust before he's even getting a chance of being used. In the meanwhile it looks down good in my showcase.

peter said...

Excellent painted vehicle! I also like the little addition you made to the model!