Sunday, 12 July 2015

Waterloo: Dutch Militia


Not finished in time for the 18th of June as well was this unit of Dutch Militia. These are of course HäT figures in a firing line. I put all the firing poses I owned up on bases and this left me with enough soldiers (32) to make either two smaller units or one rather large one. I still need to make a command stand but I lack an officer and musician at the moment.

A quite common misconception about Dutch troops, of the 100 Days Campaign, exists regarding their standards. While designs had been made as early as 1814, these were not handed over to the troops themselves before the hostilities started. So the regiments went into battle without them and having to make do with fanions only. Therefore I will not include any for this regiment or any other in my force.

Cheers Sander


Ray Rousell said...

Great looking troops Sander, I never knew the troops weren't issued with their standards in time??? I'll have to give Postie the bad news????

Sander said...

I wouldn't worry too much Ray. There are several good reasons for us wargames to include banners in our units. Some of these are:
- the estethical one: they look great
- the practical one: one a field of battle like Waterloo with BLUE Frenchies, BLUE Prussians and BLUE Dutchmen, banners are essential for recognizing the troops.

So I would just fix them to Postie's units all the same. It's just that I personally won't :-)

paulalba said...

Lovely figures Sander!