Saturday, 14 May 2016

Some Early Napoleonic French


As promised, here are some HaT testshots. For those of you who do not know what this means: testshots are sprues of pre-production figures they are made by the factory to show the manufacturers  if the moulds turned out as they wanted or not. There are several of these sprues made available to a select few people and I am lucky to get some from time to time.

The sprues currently pre-released are of pre 1812 French Infantry marching and command sets as well as a post 1812 marching set. I have obtained two sprues worth of each and so have nearly enough figures to create two wargames units between them. At this moment I have painted the pre 1812 marching figures and part of one command sprue.

Here are the pre 1812 marching figures:

Some of the command figures (excluding the mounted officer):

I have added 4 white metal pre 1812 figures sent to me by Hagen miniatures to the unit to round them out.

The Hagen figures:

The entire unit:

The set contains separate head options for early Napoleonic light infantry tarleton helmets, shako's and bicornes. I chose to depict the soldiers as they come in the box.

Cheers Sander


Michael Awdry said...

You've been busy Sander, lovely work Sir.

peter said...

Didn't know that they still did that with the test sprues! And as their ETS page is down for a while now, I thought that was stopped.
You did a great job on these figures Sander! Great mix with the Hagen minis!


Phil said...

Nicelt done, they look superb!

Uwe said...

early French are very useful, especially the bicorne version.
Good to see HAT bringing new sets on the market again.