Wednesday, 3 August 2016

7th Regiment de Ligne


The latest HäT testshots were of pre- and post 1812 (Bardin regulations) French line infantry. The pre-1812 soldiers have already been showcased here so now their post-1812 comrades are up. For these I wanted to do something different. As it happens I get the Images des Soldats  newsletter and one of the featured uniformplates depicted Kingdom of Holland line infantry regiments. As I also have a Dutch book on these troops, I decided to go with a regiment de ligne from the Kingdom of Holland. The choice of particular regiment fell on the 7th because for this regiment I had more reference with both a regular soldier and pioneer in colour. It appears to have become a bit of a tradition for me to forget about the mounted officer, I paint the unit and the horse, but forget the officer himself. The unit shown here is made up out of figures from 3 different sets (pre 1812 command, post 1812 infantry and flank companies in greatcoat).

Anyway, let the pictures speak for themselves:

Cheers Sander


Francis Lee said...

Those are nicely done, is it hard to do both versions...I mean painting wise?

Sander said...

Thanks Fran, no it isn't because all the detail is in the different sculpts so to speak. The pre-1812 have more detail like undercoats (vests?)showing, more bling on the headgear and that's it mostly. I like to do my regiments somewhere in between parade ground and dirty campaign dress and for that these are great!

Michael Mills said...

Very nice work mate! Good to see less well known troops getting some love.

Sander said...

Thanks Millsy, when given time, I have some more of these Dutchies planned!