Monday, 26 September 2016

Ascloha revisited...


Well Hugo is settling in fine and since he's rather quick falling asleep in the evening I get a little downtime then. So here's the promised post about the MDF buildings I am currently working on. I basically have two projects: one is a Dark Age project, which will feature in today's post, the other is a Victorian/ Modern Day project.

Since I started doing the Dark Age 28mm project I have been steadily beavering away on some buildings made by Timeline Miniatures. These are very good value for money and sturdy builds at that. At the moment I have 6 buildings from their DA line: 2 Viking houses (one of which you have already seen), 2 Saxon or regular DA houses, a (Saxon) longhouse/ drinking hall and an Anglo-Romanic church/ minster. This will suffice me for some terrain and more specifically the small hamlet of Ascloha, modern day Asselt in the region where I live, where a rather cool Norsemen drama evolved. This will form the basis for my Dux Brit. campaign.

Now for some pictures!
The last finished dwelling:

While the longhouse and Minster are only based and not yet finished I thought I might show you the progress anyway.

The Longhouse:

The Minster:

When these are done I still need to do some scatter terrain to spruce the board up but this will be fine since I already have some Renedra wattle fences and more DA animals lying here.

Next up will be some stuff for the Modern terrain project.

Cheers Sander


Ian said...

These are great, they will look excellent finished


Michael Awdry said...

Tremendous progress Sir, love the look of the Minster.

Ray Rousell said...

Excellent work Sander, love the church!

Michael Mills said...

Excellent progress mate. The minster is massive!

Sander said...

Thanks chaps, mind you: most of these are not yet finished, they suffer from the lure of my Modern Day project the buildings for this are just soooo much more fun!