Sunday, 22 January 2017

Status Update and some Carolingians!


This update is long overdue, but real life is messing things up yet again. While I have made less progress in the Challenge than I wanted, I am steadily nibbling away at my 28mm unpainted pile and a post with my Carolingian foot soldiers is up at the Challenge Website HERE.

Some other things I wanted to mention here are two tech-innovations and a bit of GW news, well at least to me.

First up, for my Birthday I bought a Daylight Lamp, best thing to happening to me for pretty much all of 2017! This makes sooooo much difference while painting, you just cannot believe it!

The second innovation I tried out recently is "The Masters Brush Cleaners" it is also a revolution in cleaning your precious utensils!

Just yesterday evening I tried it on some older brushes and it worked brilliantly really worth a try! This tutorial shows you how it works.

Now GW has deemed it right to revert the White Dwarf back to it's old format and I bought the January issue and...had a blast reading it. At almost €10,- I find the price  a bit steep but it's a thick magazine with some very good and light reading articles in there. I will buy one on occasion.

For now that's all cheers Folks!


Rod Forehand said...

Well done on the Carolingians! They look sharp. I'll have to take a look into this brush cleaner. I tend to abuse my brushes a bit harshly...

Sander said...

do yourself a pleasure and do so, I ordered a small pot so I could try it out and immediately ordered a bigger one after trying!

Michael Awdry said...

Loving the look of the Carolingians Sander, very good. Now that lamp looks rather splendid too, certainly puts mine in the shade.

Sander said...

Loving the shade-pun Michael :-P Anyway, I just voted for you in the bonusround, another exquisite entry mate!