Friday, 23 June 2017

Indian Mutiny


Let's get the Indian Mutiny ball rolling today! Now that the heat-wave over here is more or less over I have been able to finish some of the units I have been painting for this project. First are the Rebellious Sepoys I have painted up yet. There are some Foundry characters both Sepoy and Hill Tribesmen. The Sepoy unit in the background are Mutineer Miniatures Sepoys in distressed dress. 

Next up is a unit of British regular infantry, at this moment I have not yet given it a regimental title and will use it as a vanilla unit, that said I might designate it later on.

While the troops are Mutineer Miniatures, the officer is from the Foundry pack. The Foundry and Mutineer figures mix very well, I have now also gotten some Iron Duke Miniatures figures and they don't mix in with the other brands. I'll just get on painting more stuff right?

Cheers Sander



Michael Mills said...

Lovely work mate! The basing is just right.

Michael Awdry said...

How splendid Sander and great to seeing this wonderful project gathering momentum.

Sander said...

@Millsy: thanks for that! I am not entirely sure I will stick with just tufts but will experiment with some other basing stuff.

@Lord Awdry: The pictures do not show the figures in great detail and I will make new ones when the light permits, but yeah it is a rather rewarding project. Strangely I now have more British than Indian troops for the conflict so this will have to be remedied soon...