Monday, 11 September 2017

Proof of life!?


Very much like Lord Awdry over at 28mm Victorian Warfare, I am finding myself incredibly busy with the start of the new school-year. While I have been painting some figures, a lot of time goes into other, work related, stuff.

Even so I managed to finished these Prussian Landwehr troops. They are white metal 20mm figures which are the stretchgoals of HäT industries second crowdfunder project. I was lucky to get a few early to put some paint on them. Great little sculpts and they paint up nicely.

From left to right they depict:

A surgeon, ADC, sapper and officer.

Cheers Sander


Ray Rousell said...

Nice work Sander. I do like the surgeon.

Michael Awdry said...

That's more than I've managed! :)

Sander said...

thanks Ray, my favourite is definitely the sapper!

Sander said...

Ha, that's all you know Michael! I have also painted up about 16 HQ figures ;-)

Michael Mills said...

Good to see you back on the brushes mate!

Uwe said...

Hoi Sander,

good to see them painted - and as usual in a very good quality:-)