Saturday, 8 September 2018

Return of the Witchlord


When I bought one of the two Warhammer Quest boxes I own, the contents were supplemented by a white metal wraith king on a throne. I believe it to be an old Grenadier Miniatures set, but have not taken time to check it.
Anyway, it screamed "Return of the Withchlord" to me, that's one of the Hero Quest expansions for those of you unfamiliar with HQ.

Image result for heroquest return of the witch lord

So I took my cue and tried to paint it up like the cover art of said expansion.

I love the little details all over the base and this will make a very nice centrepiece for the final mission of this Quest I am sure.

Cheers Sander


Michael Mills said...

Yep, that's Grenadier's Encounter at Kohmar-Lolth (Throne Room of the Lich King). Very cool indeed and you've painted it up a treat mate!

Simon Quinton said...

That looks fab dude!

Sander said...

Thanks gentlemen and thanks Millsy for finding it's origins for me ;-)

Pijlie said...

Great work!Love the snake.

Francis Lee said...

He's very nice work Sander!