Friday, 18 July 2008

Classic Battletech!


Time for something else entirely! This is a Classic Battletech Battlemech. A Chimera to be precise. The model has been on the workbench for nearly a year and was getting on my nerves. I could not decide for what game-faction I was going to paint it. I had 3 options and in the end I went for a 4th :-) Anyway as I said; it stood there on my bench all coated and all but never getting done. It moved house with us in that black basecoated state, fell apart about 3 times (that's why it looks so wobbly) and one day last week I was so sick of it standing there, that I painted it up that same evening.

For the interested among you: the colourscheme and markings are those of the Mercenary Outfit The Northwind Highlanders.

Cheers Sander


Brian said...

Very nice work there. I love the base, really pulls the figure together.

Sure does look like its about to fail a piloting skill roll, lol!

Great painting job. Do you have more pictures of the rest of your Highlanders?


Sander said...

Hoi Brian!

I will post some more Highlander pics.

Cheers Sander