Wednesday, 16 July 2008


These Anzac conversions are as follows: 3 seperate infantry figures converted to trench raiders in woollen caps. The one with the shotgun has a belt with cartridges added in greenstuff and the kneeling shooting pose has an extra ammo bandolier added. Then there's two stands of lying figures. One is a Lewis gunner combo for which I added extra ammo drums in a carrying case for the loader. The other pair is a "arty spotter"base. In the The Great War rules you can add spotters to your artillery to make them more effective and I wanted those to distinctly differ from the HMG/ arty crew members with binoculars so I glued a prone one done next to a loader figure without the ammo drum. The last two stands are HMG's obviously and the thing is that I used the loaders of both the HäT American and the Canadian set to make them different. To some of the mentioned figures I added an helmet cover from greenstuff. There's also one marching ANZAC. I cut off his head with slouch hat and replaced it with the Regulated Dress Cap and added a tropic climate veil to the back.

Well that's what I am doing when not building rabbit houses :-)

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