Monday, 23 February 2009

Napoleonics Update!

Hoi you all!

Here's another update this time with some Napoleonics and one picture of my LW German 1000pts army for The Great War.

This first picture show some Austrian Light Horse, which I am painting for a great diorama for the coming DUZI show this October.

This picture shows one of my very first Napoleonics ever bought: A Revell Chasseur of the Guard trumpeter. I re-painted him and gave him a Bruno Arnal head.

The last Napoleonic picture shows some HäT testshots of the latest French Light Infantry Voltigeurs. More pictures will be shown in the ETS pages at

And finally here: my German Army for The Great War

- Up front is a Major with two troopers one holding a Bergman SM.
- to the right-front is a Sturm Truppen Company of a 5 man Command squad and two 6 man platoons
- On the left-front are the support choices: two machine guns, a 77mm Field gun and a flamer squad
- in the back are my two Assault Companies. These have a command squad of 5 man (yes I need to fill them out further) and 3 platoons of 9 men each.
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Fraxinus said...

great painting V nice ww1 german unit & voltigeurs painted up well there are some great Hat figs although can be variable in quality looking forward to the great war new releases this year