Sunday, 8 March 2009

Ducosim February 2009

Hi Folks!

Two updates today! The first being about the Ducosim games-fair last February. Our Classic Battletech forum-club played two different battles there. First there was an "open participation game" and second we played a "grand finale game" for our Kessen Campaign. I played in the latter and our side won, but only just! We had to achieve several objectives within a time limit of 10 turns. As it happened in turn 8 my side stood on the winning side and as both my co-player had to leave for more pressing matters and the venue was about to close we were saved by the bell! Had we played the remaining 2 turns I do believe we would have come up with a loss or possibly a draw.


Brian said...

Looks like a great Battletech setup.

Funny how games can go that way. I've won battles due to hungry bellies getting the better of players.

Good to see you had some fun! Who was the Demo Agent?

Sander said...

Thanks! Yes it was great fun! The agent was "Warpflame" moderator of the Dutch Battletech forum and he did a great job in putting together the scenario!