Sunday, 1 May 2011

ATZ Battlereport


Yesterday was Queen's Day here in the Netherlands and part of the celebrations is a flea market which is held in practically every town and while I like perusing flea markets it was also a good opportunity to invite a friend for some gaming and painting.

So we started a game of All Things Zombie. For this game I adopted the role of GM and devised the following scenario. Somewhere in the woods of Northern America, a secret army lab had concocted a "supervirus" which, with all predictability, caused all the base's inhabitants to turn into zombies. Some of the scientists of the base succeeded in getting away and seeking refuse in a secluded village. There they boarded up some log cabins and waited for the cavalry.

My friend Mark played a 4 man rescue team which had to rescue 3 scientists from 2 separate cabins and extract them off table.Here are some pictures we took.

The team advance on the village

First zombies are sighted

 Different angle of the village

 One of the troopers uses his shotgun to good effect and blasts 3 undead to their end...

After splitting up, the team nears the target building from the left flank

 Zombies appear to be harder to crack then thought and the shotgun trooper is overwhelmed and eaten

The shooting draws more zombies near. Since I had only painted up 10 male zombies and 10 zombie dogs I had to resort to using unpainted ones

Zombies start gathering in great number around turn 8

A second trooper succumbs to the undead-attack.

Right about this time the batteries of my camera went empty so no more pictures, sorry. What happened was that the dead trooper drew most of the zombies for a feast and gave the rest of the team a chance to get two of the scientists out off their hide-out. They then went for the last building with just a small amount of undead in pursuit.

They managed to free the remaining target and call in extraction by helicopter before turn 10 ended. A very fun game to play indeed!

Cheers Sander

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Rosbif said...

Hi Sander,

Enough of this Zombie malarkey! When are you going to get back to Napoleonics? ;-)

Seriously, though, I've nominated you for a 'Stylish Blogger Award' that seems to be all the rage at the moment. See my latest posting for the details. Thanks for your inspiring painting!

Sander said...

Oy you, look at what you started! Well anyway thanks again and: I happen to thoroughly enjoy those zombie games. But rest assured some Nappies are on their way.