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Stylish Bugger more like...


Mister Rosbif from has nominated me for the "Stylish Blogger Award". Thanks for that! Now while I am really not at all sure I deserve this grand award at all, it gives me the chance to thank some people, tell something about myself to bore you with and point out to you some great blogs.

Now As mister Rosbif says on his blog these are the rules:

Apparently there are some rules attached to this thing;

  1  Thank and link back to the person giving you the award (done)

    2 Share seven things about yourself. (done)

    3 Select 10-15 blogs who you think deserve this award. (done)

    4 Contact these bloggers and let them know about the award

 7 things about myself:

1. 1. I am going to be a dad soon...

2. As a history teacher I'm surrounded by history pretty much all day and I think that is where my love for  Sci-Fi and Fantasy originated: as a counterweight for all the historically accurate stuff. Sci-Fi and Fantasy give you the option of painting mini's the way YOU want it! 

3. At first I had a website, lamely called "True Colours" which I found a pain to update regularly and so this blog was born.I think a blog is a decent showcase of your interests and hobby's but a bit less open to all then a forum. Actually I don't really promote my blog I like people to get there by accident or by mouth to mouth referral.

4. Periods in history I dislike are not many but mostly include Old Mesopotamian Cultures and Old Southern American Cultures like Maya's and Aztecs and the sort. Sorry can't help it...

5. In some time I will start a new plastic soldier project, I'm not going to  spoil too much but it'll be in 28mm and will entail an army for "Hail Caesar" the new Black Powder Ancients variant. It's therefore also historically accurate...ish...

6. over the years I have gained some great Dutch gaming friends and I'd like to thank them here for helping me move on in the hobby: First one is A.M. he's introduced me to all sorts of games and gaming styles and has been my buddy for around 10 years now. I can still hear myself saying "Nah I won't be playing that game far too intricate for me" when he introduced me to Classic Battletech, now I own mini's for 5 factions... hmmm
Mark is a co-worker annex gaming-buddy turned real-life friend as well, he feels like the older brother I never had. I have a younger one, brother that is, and wouldn't do without him, (love you bros!) but it's nice to not be the eldest once in a while ;-) Jan Willem or Pijlie I first encountered at the DUCOSIM games-con and was taken a-back by the grand way in which he approaches gaming and making demonstration- and participation tables, since he lives quite a way from here we see each other way too little but sometimes I think that's all for the best, since we would be at the games all round the clock.  Koen is a recent addition to the inner circle and is great for sheer fun in gaming, with his relaxed devil-may-care outlook on things and since he does live closer by we get the chance to game at a more regular interval.

7. Other people who have influenced me a lot over the years are many of course and I will probably forget heaps of them but Hans ( is one of my oldest hobby friends and still going strong, Martin of has been supplying me with figures, good company and the occasional attendance to a fair or con for about as long. 
Another old friend whom I haven't spoken in a long time is Charles ( who has shown me the workings of the hobby indeed, thanks mate! It would be bad form to leave out my German-speaking friends Uwe, Tom, Thomas and Michael I have been corresponding with them on and off for quite some time, great friends with a lot of knowledge, very decent figures and a lot of good humour in store! Yes Germans do have a good sense of humour, well granted not all of them but these ones do! 

Now on to my recommended blogs

10 Blogs:

Now I could easily do more then 10 but let's start with these and see where it'll end right? I cannot help but state some blogs also mentioned by Rosbif already but they are very good indeed.

1. Uwe from he's really the man for promoting the 1:72 scale hobby by making masters for new ranges and sharing uniform information with un-ending professionalism.

2. One also mentioned by Rosbif is Francesco at  he's doing some great sculpting, the results of which might actually be bought from him soon.

3. Shad at is also a really nice bloke with a good and frequently updated blog. 

4. Duncan of shares my love for all things Colonial Warfare and does some great things with our beloved 1:72 plastics.

5. Mister Secundus at makes for a brilliant read and the cartoons are just simply fantastic!

6. Scott at is a joy to follow and I can't believe how detailed his painting is on those Braille-scale mini's of 10 and 6mm!

7. Doc at is always a joy to read and I specially like the look of his blog. 

8. Mister Carmen at is some sort of painting guru surely! I came along his blog searching for Prehistoric figures and skulk the blog frequently, it´s just darn inspiring the way he gets the atmosphere of whatever project he´s begun across over the www.

9. Matt at his blog I found while researching the battle for Mons in 1914 when preparing a demonstration game with Pijlie, great stuff and shame that the Grand Manner blog was closed!

10. On a more personal note this blog by A.M. is not always easy to read for you English/speaking people but maybe that´s all for the better, still I enjoy it very much. 

Now the big task of contacting everyone I nominated starts  so see you later!

Cheers Sander

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