Wednesday, 18 May 2011

A big step forward...

...or is it backwards?

Whether you like or dislike the 28mm scale figures, I have some pictures of my very first 28mm plastic Greeks for you. I have put together a unit of Classical Greek Hoplites from a kit made by Immortal Miniatures The kits are tremendous fun and go together very well. I have all 3 different boxed sets. Each one presents you with a certain amount of basic sprues which are in every box and then some sprues with conversion parts to give that extra flavour to your troops.Also included in the box are a booklet with lots of useful information, a sprue with plastic bases and a sheet of decals for your shield-designs, very good value for your money.

For aesthetic reasons I chose to mount the figures on GW regimental and 25x25mm bases. The arms with shields I have fixed to wire in order to get to the figure better when painting.

Cheers Sander

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Anonymous said...

They are looking good-the plastic figures can be positioned to make some very convincing posed units.

Look forward to the final results.

Bedford said...

No such thing as a step back Sander- it's allways a new adventure ;O)


PS. The mini's have arrived safe and sound- thanks again.

Sander said...

Dear chaps thanks for the replies!

@Matt:I have primed them and will start painting this weekend.

@Darrell: I think I will stick with 20mm for everything else for a while yet. These larger chaps force you to paint more details and depth so...

Great that the figures have reached you, when you've got time I'd love to see what you make of them.