Saturday, 23 July 2011

Holiday Update Part III


As promised, some shots of the artillery set, I have done 2 Middle-Eastern/ Gallipoli bases and one late war European base. I love all the little extras you get on the crew-men sprue; crates, shells and shell-wicker baskets. Also I like that the guns are now produced in hard plastic and the crews in the regular softer stuff, makes for easier construction and conversion.

 The Gallipoli versions.The log barriers in the left-hand picture are taken from the HäT Russian WW1 gun crew. The Officer on the right-hand base is an Emhar officer with HáT sun-helmet conversion head.

 The Late War version, with added Emhar Officer.

 Cheers Sander,

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Rosbif said...

Excellent work,(again) Sander!

Sander said...

Thanks mate, they were incredible fun to paint!