Friday, 22 July 2011

Holiday Update Part II


While I am still hard at work doing chores in and around the house, I have found some time to finish the HäT ANZAC heavy weapons teams and am in the process of finishing the HäT ANZAC artillery as well.

Here are some pictures of the heavy weapons. For both sets I mixed crew from the artillery and heavies sets to create more diversity and threw in some Emhar officers as well. A lot of these chaps have head-swaps with the brilliant extra head-options provided in the HäT artillery set. I specially like the tropical sun-helmet.

Watch this space for pictures of the artillery sets.

Cheers Sander

Listening to: "October Rust" by Type O Negative


Nick Grant said...

These are brilliant!

Sander said...

Thanks mate, your blog is cool as well! Like the VSF stuff a lot!

Rosbif said...

Hi Sander,

You've got a perfect start for the Gallipoli campaign there!

I'm still amazed that the minor campaigns fought by the ANZACs warrant not only a set of figures, but that non-antipodeans find them interesting enough to paint!

Sander said...

Thanks, as to the ANZAC comment you've made: first off I have the miniseries ANZACS over here and think it's one of the best movies to show all phases of the War and shows the way the Diggers took up the SMLE to help out old Blighty. Also I have been to Hill 60, seen the movy and read a lot about it...

Lastly my wife has been to Oz for most part of a year and fell in love with Oz so there must be something about it worth while :-P

Cheers Sander

Ray Rousell said...

Great looking figures, they look superb!