Friday, 29 July 2011

Holiday update Part V


Sometimes Lady Luck smiles on you and you have to grab the chance she offers you with both hands and feet. Just a few days ago I was able to obtain a batch of 8 boxes of plastic figures from "marketplace" a Dutch e-bay for just €25,- the sets are:

House of Campaign French Carabiniers
Revell Napoleonic Prussian Infantry
Revell NapoleonicBritish Rifles
Revell Napoleonic  British Life Guards
Revell 30YW Swedeish Infantry
Italeri NapoleonicFrench Chasseurs a Cheval
Italeri AWI Continental Infantry
Italeri/ ESCI Muslim Warriors

Since the price tags were still on the boxes I was able to figure out what the sets cost in real price: this happened to be €55.61 not bad eh?

Cheers Sander

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