Saturday, 30 July 2011

Interlude about bedtime stories!


Today I checked up on several blogs, amongst which was Rosbifs:. He has this post up about a bedtime story we'd all like to read to our kids sometimes but dare not because kids have the unerring ability to use certain words in the most unfavourable moments possible.
Check his blog and see for yourself.

Now normally I wouldn't post this here as such but I tried to react on his post on Rosbifs blog but was unable to do so in both Firefox and the Explorer and seeing as that I have no e-mail address I'd thought I'd do it via my blog, so Rosbif if you're reading this, here's my comment (for what's it worth)

Very nice, the wife won't like it though! Do you know this one? it is read here (rather ineptly)

I have this book and intend to translate it in Dutch and read it to my kid when he's born any time soon...

Cheers Sander

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Pijlie said...

Hahaha! Very recognizable, even after 16 years! But this is advanced parenting. You could try starting with something more traditional ;o)

Rosbif said...

Hi Sander,

I'm sure you will understand the sentiments in that definitely-not-for-kids book once you have your own ankle-biter!

I must confess I have never read a Prachett book before, but maybe one day....

Sander said...

@Pijlie: ;-)

@Rosbif: Thanks, I think as a teacher I have enough experience with kids to understand the underlying emotions quite well :-P

As to Prathchett: the earlier Discworld novells are just about brilliant! I suggest you start with the Colour of Magic and you'll be hooked form the start. Or if you'd say I'm just gonna read ONE book and no more then take Wyrd Sisters which is a great Parody on Shakespeare. Whatever you do: do not, I repeat NOT watch the movies they are just bad.